Pushy People

29 07 2010

I went out to Riverside to run today.  I wanted to go 3 miles, but it was hot, and there was good chance I would wimp out at like 1/2 a mile.  Right before I started my Garmin, I heard a friendly voice.  It was Shawna. She is a pusher…she will push you to finish your run, even when you tell her you are going to puke. I needed her today. I ran (most) of my 3 miles, didn’t puke, and didn’t die.  She is great keeping me on pace (or a little faster), and gets me to go more than I think I can.

I need to run with people, it is hard for me to push myself to go farther. Morgan is great at keeping himself motivated to keep running. I need a little Dori singing “Just keep running” the whole time I am out there.

Speaking of being out there, it was HOTT today. When we were in the shade it was tolerable, but in the sun-WOW I thought I might just start cooking.  This did not make the run any easier.  Luckily I parked at 41st street park which has a splash area…I was playing with the little kids when I was finished.

Oh-and I got a blister…AWESOME.




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29 07 2010

I’m a pusher too. And I like to have someone push me.

P.S. I swear to the ever-living God, I bought some special running socks when I got a blister and it REALLY makes a difference. I couldn’t believe it.

29 07 2010

You did great today – and don’t think for one instant that the motivation was one way – it was great to have someone to talk to and run with! And I seriously did feel like baked goose poop that whole last mile. You’re doing great – and when that foot gets completely healed, you’re going to be a force to be reckoned with!!

30 07 2010
Melanie Nelson

I started running in March and also need some people to run with that aren’t already “real” runners (those that do a 5k in under 30 minutes!). Any chance you’d want to try to put something together for those of us getting to 5k, but who need a little push and camaraderie? I’m in south Tulsa.

2 08 2010

There is a group that meets a fleet feet (61st Store) on Tuesday and Thursdays at 9am. It is a group of moms with strollers, but non-moms or moms with older kids are welcome as well. I believe they are starting the couch to 5k program August 10. I ran with the group for most of the summer, it is really fun…however with school getting started again, my foot injury, and the heat I won’t be going.

6 08 2010

Balga are THE best socks. If you don’t have them, get them.

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