Foot Update

26 07 2010

My foot seems to be doing better.  I had no pain the past few days walking.  I think I will try the elliptical (my least favorite machine) tomorrow.  I did work out on the trip…lots of yoga, rode the bike, lifted, snorkeled, played in the ocean!  I gained a little weight, but I think that being a little stopped up in the bathroom department is the culprit there.

I am trying to decided what half marathon to run.  I don’t want to push myself to hard, my foot injury was an over use injury…it can happen again.  My original goal was the Route 66 race in November.  I will probably change that to The Disney World Half in January.  We are already going (it is a tradition) and Morgan will be running.  I will continue to run now, but I will not increase my mileage very fast, I need to get used to running again.  I also want to run the TulsaRun 15K in October!




2 responses

27 07 2010

I’d love to do Disney!

28 07 2010

DO IT!!!!!

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