13 07 2010

Issue #1-Cuboid Syndrome.  That is the cause of the pain in my foot.  Ibuprofen, ice, and new insoles are supposed to make me better.  I can run when I stop having pain…7-10 days

Issue #2-My stomach is trying to kill me.  I am having some trouble with going, and I have bad cramps…I think I have fiber overload right now.  Need to keep drinking water.  I am soooo bloated, it is uncomfortable, it is not attractive, it sucks.  I may have IBS, I may be sensitive to lactose, I may be a hypochondriac,

Issue #3-I need to pack for vacation.  I had a dream about not being packed, I don’t know what to bring as far a working out…I need to rest, but I need to do some cardio.  I don’t know what to bring for evenings, I don’t know how many swim suits to bring.  I stress out over packing way too much



One response

14 07 2010

Ouch, ouch, and I hear you on the packing! I don’t mind working out in stinky clothes though, so I usually just throw in a few outfits and call it good. LOL!

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