Bad week, long run, injury?

12 07 2010

Last week was a bad running week-I didn’t run at all.  I was at diabetes camp, and was too exhausted at the end of the day to run.  I did a few sprints at camp…when I need a tampon, and when a little girl lost her shorts, but no real running.   I thought about working out in the evening when I got home, but there was no motivation in me-I was a bum.

Saturday morning I woke up early to go for my long run-5 miles…I got up, got dressed, had a lara bar, and left.  When I got outside I couldn’t see my neighbors house because of FOG, and fog=water=humid!  It was the wettest run I have had, I was literally running through water.  It was not my best running ever, but I made it in about an hour!  I am proud of myself, 5 miles is FAR (ok not that far, but it seemed like a long way Saturday morning!)

I seem to have hurt my foot, I don’t remember actually doing anything-but I am in PAIN.  Walking through the grocery store yesterday just about killed me.  I have been icing, ibuprofening, and trying to rest, however when I walk around I hurt.  I believe it is my 5th metatarsal bone, I’m not positive.  I’m going to make an appointment at the podiatrist, I am worried about walking though the airport next week when I am on VACATION!




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