Long Run

4 07 2010

This weeks long run was a little shorter than last week, just 4 miles.  I ran much faster throughout the run, with some walk breaks.  The first 2 miles I ran with a friend training for a full marathon.  She kept me going, we only walked once…for 2 light poles-I have to give myself a distance that I will walk, otherwise I might not start running again.  She also paced me.  When we split-she was going 7-I just took off (I think).  I’m not sure how fast or slow I was going…I was just going.  I ended up with a blister on my pinky toe, I think the seam of my sock was the culprit.  My knee, hip, ankle (I guess I could just say leg) felt great!!  I really don’t know what my time was-I don’t know when I finished or when I began…I forgot my Garmin.

Pre-run hydration was pretty good.  I had a margarita at dinner Friday night, but I drank water all day.  I feel like all I do is re and pre hydrate.  I am constantly drinking water after I have run, or the day before I run.  I have been mixing things up a bit with lemon, lime, cucumber or mint in my water, but I still get bored.  I do drink Gatorade as well, not a ton, but I need some electrolytes.

There was no watermelon this week after the run, I might have cried a little bit.  I drank some Gatorade and water mix, and had a “larabar” when I got home.

Post-run I had a pretty horrific stomach ache.  I will spare you the details, but I didn’t leave a certain room in our house for quite sometime.  We had a heavy dinner Friday night.  I had one piece of toast with a little peanut butter before I ran.

I felt much better this week after running, I don’t know if it was because we started earlier (5:45am) therefore it was cooler, or what.  I did not nap in the afternoon…sad and good at the same time.

Next week is 5…once again The Longest I have ever done!




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