must NOT overeat

29 06 2010

I do not want to start overeating after runs.  About an hour or so after I run-I’m famished (ok, I might be exaggerating a bit, but I’m hungry!)  I don’t want to start eating crazy amounts of nasty food.  I need some good, filling, nutritious, food.  I need a good balance of fats, carbs and protein.  While I am not running to lose weight, I don’t want to end up gaining a bunch of weight because I ate like crap every time I run.

I eat well before I run-usually wheat toast with peanut butter and honey.  Right after I run I do well-we usually have watermelon on Saturday mornings.  It is the 1-2 hours post running (and the rest of the day) that I have problems.

I'm not doing myself any favors by eating this




One response

11 07 2010

Three good ways to boost your chances of loosing extra body weight can be easy if you are determined to follow the rules. Drink water regularly. This is the easiest thing you can do! Next speed up your metabolism by eating small frequent healthy meals every three or so hours. Lastly, Change your diet from carbs to incorporate mostly fish, lean meats, fresh fruit and vegetables…..Then of course…..EXERCISE and lots of it 

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