The Longest I have ever run

26 06 2010

Pretty much from here on it will be the longest I have ever run!  We went about 4.5 miles.  The schedule said 4 miles, but the actual route was longer…

It was a pretty good run.  I have discovered something interesting-when I run slow (12 min/mile) my right knee, hip and ankle HURT.  It is not comfortable, but this pace is very easy to keep.  When I speed up (10-11 min/mile) me leg feels great, this pace is more difficult.  Not sure what I need to do.

After my run, I was pretty tired.  My legs were not super happy.  I took a nap this afternoon and feel better, but still pretty drained.  It is HOT outside, and it is wiping me out.  Morgan was very encouraging today-I was so tired, I can’t imagine what I will feel like after running 13.1 miles. He said you will be tired, but your body is going to get used to it.  He said he “couldn’t imagine running 26.2 miles after running his first half marathon,” then he said “You can do it, I’m proud of you.”




2 responses

26 06 2010

Wow the good old days! Wait till you move up to some big miles, you will look back and just smile about how easy those days had been. Running at any pace will work your body different! When marathon training you train with all pace range. So you body can handle what you throw at it and you will get stronger and faster!

30 06 2010

Way to get after it! We’ll have to run together sometime. 🙂

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