And then on Friday I rest

24 06 2010

Man, I need my rest day this week.  I ran Monday, Tuesday, Thursday.  Swam Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.  Lifted Wednesday.  I am pretty pumped about not working out tomorrow, eating well and preparing for my “long run” on Saturday.  This week we bump it up to 4 miles.  I have not “technically” run 4 miles.  I ran 2 miles and elliptical-ed 2 miles once.  Pretty much from this week forward it will be the longest distance I have ever ran.  I am still looking forward to the challenge-even  though today’s run was hard.  I can’t wait for it to get a bit cooler and less humid-that will make running much more enjoyable.

I am going to try running with my dad’s amphipod

Last week the water fountains were pretty packed, and I need water in this heat.  I don’t care to get sick from the heat…

I also need to figure out if, and what kind of “refueling” product  I will use. Morgan swears by GU, my dad likes 5 hour energy and Carb boom. I’m not sure I can stomach the GU going down. I won’t need it this week, but probably in a few weeks…any suggestions?

Oh, and my new shoes came in the mail!  I have run in them twice, and they are pretty awesome.


**I talk about several products in this post, and others. These are strictly my opinions, or my family’s opinions. I have absolutely NO sponsorship, relationship with, samples from, etc. from any company.**



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