Marathon Training Recovery

22 07 2014

Recovering after a long training run is hard, there is not much time to rest and let the muscles rebuild/repair. During training there is a lot of fatigue, soreness, and not much rest! The accumulative fatigue is actually helpful for training. Google “accumulated fatigue running” and you will find articles discussing this!

Even though it is good to go into a run a little tired, it’s still best to help your body heal as much as possible.

1. Refuel -Everything I’ve read says to refuel with in 30-45 minutes. For me, this is nearly impossible. I can sometimes get a little fruit in my tummy, but anything else makes me nauseas. Once my stomach settles, I eat a big breakfast. Eggs and sausage have been my go to the past few weeks.

2-Hydrate-it’s hard to drink enough during a run to replenish everything you are losing. I run with water/Gatorade mix, but the bottle is only ~16oz, and I don’t like it completely filled. I’m incredibly thirsty the day I run, there’s not enough fluids to keep me happy. I drink water and Gatorade ALL.DAY.LONG.

3-StretchI aim to finish my run about 1/4+ miles away from home/car. That way I can walk and cool down. I stretch my calves, hamstrings, and quads. Nothing major, just a little stretch after miles of using those muscles. I stretch later in the day as well. I honestly don’t foam roll the day of. It’s just too painful!

4-Compressionsocks, sleeves, tights, whatever you got, wear it. It feels good and really helps!

5-Epsom salt
I really don’t know how or why Epsom salt works, but it does! I like getting scented kinds because it’s more relaxing.

Training Log (7/14-7/20)
Tuesday-3.5 miles
Friday-3.0 miles
Saturday-13.1 miles

20140722-111407-40447551.jpgmy fastest half by 1 second! And it was HILLY.

Training recap

16 07 2014

I’m in a weird place with training. Since I don’t like to run long on the weekends I work, and I have Dumbos Double Dare in about 1 1/2 months, I’m pretty ahead in marathon training. I’m still working on what other fall races I will run.

I had a decent week.
Tuesday-3.1 miles
Saturday-2 miles
Sunday-10 miles (ran somewhere kinda different, it was nice to have new scenery. Gu at 4.25 and 7.5. I carried a bottle of Gatorade/water, stopped at 3 water fountains, one wax GROSS)

So I’ve been slacking in my second short run each week. I needed to run Thursday, this summer had been throwing off all kinds if things: sleeping in, both kids home, I just want to swim! I know I need a 2nd “short” run and it needs to be a little longer, but I’m really struggling to find time. I don’t like waking up early to run, but I might need to start.

I’m keeping up with my physical therapy exercises and core work. It really has made a difference! I like the 2 new Pilates classes I’ve been taking because they focus on areas I need to strengthen and there’s a lot of stretching. I’m worried about getting hurt, so I’m trying everything I can to prevent it. Including multi vitamins, calcium and vitamin D (since I’m low).

I (freaking) LOVE summer, but dang, it’s HOT! (The bathrooms were broken so there were porta potties…)

I’m a little indecisive

8 07 2014

So I totally picked a marathon, wrote out a training plan, and was set on running in Tulsa…then I started thinking about other races.

I read this article. And wanted to run ALL of them. Luckily a lot of them were sold out. After doing more research, I decided to run

The Richmond Marathon.

It’s only a week earlier than Route 66, so there isn’t too much tweaking to be done to the training plan. And the race is on a Saturday, which I LOVE. It’s not at home, so the large family and friends cheering section and sleeping in my own bed are out. But we are staying at the Westin and they have comfy beds, and I know I’ll have a cheerleader and maybe a running buddy in the course.

And just so you know, I’ve been looking at this.

Galloway Monday: increasing millage

7 07 2014

Powered by Bling, and Pretty ‘lil Mudder and I are talking about increasing millage…SAFELY!

I’ve scheduled my races pretty close together, so once I got up to 13.1, I’ve just kinda maintained. I drop down for a few weeks then pick it back up.

The standard rule of thumb in to increase by no more than 10% each week. I’m not sure I like that method. It means pretty small increases in the beginning. 10% of 5 miles is only 1/2 a mile. To train for my first half marathon I increased my long run by 1 mile each week (for most weeks). I don’t like this method either. It means constantly running longer and longer.

In order to increase my milage for the marathon and take into account that I work every third weekend, I increase for 2 weeks, then take a little break. So the past few weeks long runs have looked like this:

5 miles
7 miles
9 miles

The next few weeks:

10 miles
12 miles
5 miles
13 miles
14 miles
5 miles
RACE 13.1


Then I’ll start increasing more for the marathon. I’ve been increasing by 2 miles, but only because I’m not too far out from a 25k race, so I’m not starting from scratch. As I go beyond 14 miles, I will probably just increase by 1 or 1.5 miles. I don’t want to push to hard.

I like my “rest week” it gives my body time to recover. I do run a few times during the week as well as cross-train.

Giveaway: fitness favorites

7 07 2014

I’m co-hosting the July Blog Hop Giveaway with Runaway Bridal Planner (although she did most/all of the work!) this months theme is Fitness Favorites. I’m a gear girl, I have lots of stuff! One on my favorite race day items is my SPI belt.


It holds a ton of stuff, my phone, Gu, keys, ID, inhaler, AND I pin my bib to it, that way I don’t hurt my clothes! I really don’t think I could race without my SPI belt. I use it in long runs away from home too, mainly for fuel and sometimes my phone.

So click here to enter. FYI-one entry is commenting on the post about the color you would choose! Here are the color choices.

Check out the other Fitness Favorite Giveaways!!!!!

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I’m buying the SPI belt and is wrote only my opinion about it.

Galloway Monday

30 06 2014

Today we are looking at Galloway vs other training methods. I have to admit that I do follow a lot of Jeff Galloway’s method, I’m not a purist…I mix a few other things into my training. Like most things, it’s not one ways fits all!

I like scheduled walk breaks with the Galloway method, although I often switch my walk breaks up, gotta keep it interesting!

I like running all of my shorter distances or using shorter runs to do speed work. I like the 2 shorter runs from Run Less Run Faster-increasing the lactic acid threshold and VO2 max. While the Galloway method doesn’t say not to do speed work, it’s not really stressed.

There are some days when you just want to RUN. No breaks, no intervals, just steady pace all the way. Once again the Galloway method doesn’t say you can’t do this, but the method is focused on walk/run intervals.

I think there are so many training methods out there, and you should do what feels best. One day that might be different than the days before. Which training method is best for you depends on how experienced you are, how much you want to run each week, how long you want to train, etc, etc, etc.

Galloway marathon training schedules run much further than other schedules. 20 or 22 miles is the longest for most. I’m still torn as to how far my longest will be.

This weeks runs:
Wednesday: 3 miles 29:12
Saturday: 2 miles 19:01
Sunday: 9 miles 1:36:40

Powered by Bling, and Pretty ‘lil Mudder are comparing the Galloway method too!

Jost Running June

29 06 2014

I ran a good 5k on June 4th is 29:49, and an extra long 10k (6.55 miles) on June 1st in 1:08:58. Over the month of June I logged 43.7 miles, so that’s over a half and a full marathon combined, so I think I earned my June “Crank in Up” medals!



June’s race supported The National Young Arts Foundation. I’m looking forward to “Beating the Heat” in July supporting Girls in the Run.

Go to Jost Runningto sign up!

**I was given free entry to blog about the virtual races with Jost Running. The options are my own!


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