I read awesome blogs

17 04 2014

No, really, I learn so much from other bloggers… And then I forget who said what.

-Someone isn’t doing a plank challenge, just doing at least a 1 minute plank each day. No pressure to do a plank for 17 hrs at the end of the month, but enough pressure to do one a day (and it’s nearly swimsuit season, so why not!)

-Someone said something along the lines of “practicing a 10 minutes everyday is better than 1-70 minute practice a week” GENIUS! I’ve been doing a few yoga sequences each day. Nothing spectacular, but something to make me move!

-Someone (ok, a lot of someone’s) is(are) freaking hilarious. The way runners describe the race to the porta potty before a race always gets me laughing!

-A lot of someone’s are inspiring. I love reading about good runs, bad runs, PRs, DNRs…because no matter what happened, you did something-and YOU ARE AWESOME!

-I learn about all these super cool races that I want to do!

-Then I saw this in Pinterest

That is all.

68.67% complete

15 04 2014


I’ve run 57 miles of my 83 miles by my birthday. If I added in my neighborhood walks, I’d be much closer to my goal. I said I would RUN 83 miles, so I’ll stick with just running!

Just in case you were wondering, I’m 27% complete with my goal for the year of 500 miles.

Also, I missed the blood moon last night/this morning. I honestly didn’t even know it happened until this morning.

This, that, and the other

14 04 2014


I got a wild hair up my nose, and registered for a 25K. I had to double check my math with my dad (no, I’m not joking. Yes, I am pretty good at math…my math skills save lives. No, I’m still not joking), it’s a 15.5 miles race. Just 2.4 miles longer than I have ever run, in my whole life!

The race is along the HILLIEST section of our trails…the hills are so nasty. Soooo of course I decided to run those hills the other day. It was a hard run, but the weather was beautiful! I ran 20K or 12.4 miles.

I was really happy with my run, even though I needed to walk up a few hills! I didn’t see too many people out, but it was a Wednesday morning. I did make friends with this guy, I named him Bill.

I ran with compression calf sleeves, thinking it would help on the hills. I was WRONG. I sat down at mile 10 and took them off. Compression is recovery for me, not training or racing. I love wearing my ProCompression socks after running, especially if I have to work. I also like lounging in bed with my compression socks.


I’ve totally convinced myself to run a marathon. And I really want to be part of the Saucony 26 Strong program. I don’t know of anyway to increase my chances of getting picked. I’m hoping Amanda (Run to the finish) picks me to be her cadet!

Her criteria (some is dictated by Saucony)
– Must be your first, not your first in 5 years, first ever. check
– Must be female, sorry gents that’s not my rule. check
– Must be up for doing a marathon by Fall.sure
–Must be US based. check
– Must be totally awesome and ready to have some fun.ummm, Duh!
I’m totally the perfect fit! I don’t want to get my hopes up, she has a lot of people signed up. But one can dream!

I’m still stressing about the weather for OKC. Today is a perfect example of wacky Oklahoma weather. It was 80 last week, today it snowed. GROSS. I’m really sick of the treadmill, but I also refuse to freeze.

My eating has been awful. Tons of sweets, bread, totally unhealthy. I’m paying for it all, but it’s time to buckle down-I need to eat well. It’s not about weight, it’s about feeling good. I lucked out this week at work, and I plan on taking advantage of an extra day off to cook a wonderful, healthy, delicious meal!

I’ve been struggling with bad snacking at work (cool ranch Durritos!)
What is your favorite healthy snack?


11 04 2014

Oklahoma City Memorial marathon is 15 days away (as the email I just received reminded me!) and I’m BEYOND stressed about the weather. This race has seen humidity, rain, sleet, wind, lightening and that all happened in one day! (I’m serious, the race was delayed because of lightening, the rain turned to sleet as the temperature fell 10+ degrees throughout the day). You can’t base the weather off anything, it can be warm and sunny on Saturday and miserably cold on Sunday.

I will run the race no matter the weather, but I don’t know what I want to wear! I’m planning in packing for all seasons, but I’m really hoping for beautiful spring weather!

I found this on Pinterest, along with on for EVERY.OTHER.STATE. In the US! I think we all deal with wacky weather!

As long as there are no tornados, I think I can handle anything…but really Mother Nature, I’m hoping to wear a skirt :)

Runners spotlight

10 04 2014

Today you can read a little about me at Runaway Bridal Planner’s runner spotlight!

Information overload

4 04 2014

I am a nut for info. I something research things for no reason. I walked into physical therapy with tons of questions, and theories.

I’ve read a lot about the Galloway run-walk method. I even tried it to help get my mind off running. It makes sense, and I was much less sore after that run.

I’ve started reading Runner’s World: Run Less, Run Faster, and I’ve been researching the idea behind the book. It also makes sense.

I’ve read Born to Run, I’m a big believer in less is more when it comes to shoes! I have run in vibrams, but I prefer a neutral shoe with some cushioning. I also search to find Parker minimalist running shoes, he was in New Balance Minimus, and just got a pair of Nike Frees. I don’t see a need to train his body to run in stability shoes.

I’m pretty sure I can incorporate both ideas for training. There is so much information about running. So many ideas about the best way to train. I want to improve my time, I want to increase my distance. But I don’t want to get bored with running!

Any thoughts on ANY training method or school of thought? ;

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

1 04 2014

The winner of my Spring into Fitness giveaway is…..

Amanda Sakovitz…I’ll be emailing you shortly :)

And stay tuned, there are more giveaways soon!


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